CfP ends, three weeks to go!

What a final run! On Monday, the last day of the Call for Participation, we were once again inundated with submissions. We are very happy about your interest in presenting your research. This November, the StuTS will truly be an international event!

We will do everything in our power to support you in your presentations and to make communication with the audience as pleasant as possible. Next up, we will build a programme in the interest of the audience, taking into account the availability of each speaker. You can expect the programme to be published in early November. In the meantime, we will be processing the submissions. If questions arise, we will get in touch with you. The 68th StuTS being an international event, we ask all speakers to take into account that to be perfectly understood by your listeners it will help to:

  • prepare explanations for specific terms,
  • speak clearly
  • and, if you present research on a language not commonly understood, make them understand your examples, e.g. with glosses in the style of the Leipzig Glossing Rules.

Despite the StuTS being organised by a team located in Germany, the vast majority of the talks will be held in English. There will also be talks in German and Spanish. Furthermore, there will be a leisure programme. Apart from the regular programme, you will get the opportunity to get to know some of the major European student linguistics organisations. Traditionally, student councils from all over Germany will get together and enter into an exchange about their work; this is called BuFaTa. Anyone interested is welcome to join, though this particular event will take place in German.

As you may have heard through our social media channels, we have integrated some of the programme of the cancelled TaCoS 2020 („Tagung der Computerlinguistik-Studierenden“, Conference of Students in Computational Linguistics, CL). The TaCoS is a CL conference that has been held in German-speaking countries since 1992. This integration means the following: Two of seven keynotes deal with computational linguistics and people interested in CL can count on a number of talks from this field.

Who are we, who answers your e-mails? We are students and doctoral candidates in linguistics from the University of Potsdam, Humboldt University of Berlin and the Free University with international roots. We are passionate about linguistics and most of us are also professionally active in it. We are united by the goal to strengthen networking among students interested in linguistics, both domestically and internationally, and giving you the opportunity to present your research. You can find out more about us on our team page. We can hardly wait to get to know you at the StuTS!

Registration for the 68th StuTS is free of charge and possible until 16 November. Feel free to forward the link to your friends, so they too will have the opportunity to participate if we couldn’t reach them. If you have any organisational questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours. You have got specific questions on what you can expect at the 68th StuTS? Let us know by e-mail too and we will do our best to respond, recurring questions will be answered on our social media accounts. We invite you to subscribe to our Facebook, our Twitter and our Instagram. There we will inform you about the 68th StuTS almost every day, e.g. providing insight into the programme.