Our Team

We are an international team comprised of members from Brazil, Czechia, Ecuador, Germany, Russia and Turkey. We come from diverse backgrounds in linguistics and various stages in our studies, ranging from Bachelor’s to PhD students. Below you will find our individual profiles listing our focuses within linguistics, the languages we know, and the tasks we are responsible for at the StuTS as well as at the Meetup.

Frederic Blum (HU Berlin)

  • Syntax, typology of South and Central American languages, semantics
  • German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Quechua, Kurmanji
  • Registrations, programme management

Dan Bondarenko (HU Berlin)

  • Morphology, syntax, language processing and lexical access
  • Russian, English, German, Finnish
  • Webiste maintenance, English translations, programme management

Martin Konvička (FU Berlin)

  • Old English, history of language, history of linguistics, language change
  • German, English, Dutch, Czech
  • Social media, finances and budgeting, photographic documentation, enforcement of COVID-19 regulations

Henryk Meyer (Uni Potsdam)

  • Semantics, textual linguistics, language typology
  • German, English, French, Spanish
  • Absent at the Meetup due to working on thesis

Onur Özsoy (HU Berlin)

  • Language acquisition, language processing, multilingualism, heritage languages; morphology, syntax, semantics and their interfaces
  • German, English, Turkish, French, Greek
  • Programme management, internal ogranisation and communication, social media, equipment, sustainability

Patrick (HU Berlin)

  • Syntax, semantics, statistical modelling of language
  • German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese
  • Setup and maintenance of the website, the registration forms and the submission platform, organisation of the leisure programme

Hugo Robalino (Uni Potsdam)

  • Computational linguistics
  • Spanish, English, German, French
  • International communications

Chiara Tschirner (Uni Potsdam)

  • Experimental linguistics
  • German, English, Portuguese, French
  • Programme management and anything else that comes up