Call for Participation

Submission Form

We invite all students of linguistics (as well as study programmes with a partial focus on languages) to present their current course projects, theses or other projects from their studies to a broad, diverse audience of their fellow peers at the 68th StuTS. Bachelors’, Masters’, and PhD students alike are all welcome to submit their contributions!

Contributions are required to:

  • Follow one of three formats:
    • Workshops, 30-120 minutes in length;
    • Talks, 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion (longer talks spanning multiple 30-minute slots are also acceptable);
    • Short talks outlining projects or concepts, 5 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion;
  • Aim to impart linguistic knowledge and/or methodological skills;
  • Be presented in a language of your choosing.
    • German and English are established staples.
    • When choosing another language, a high level of proficiency is a prerequisite.

Send us your submission in the form of a short, informative abstract by October 26th by clicking here. After you have submitted an abstract, we will get back to you by November 2nd at the latest. See the list of frequently asked questions below for key information regarding the structure and/or contents of your abstract. For additional questions regarding the StuTS, see our FAQ tab. If you have any further questions regarding the submission process, feel free to contact us via email.

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a short and sweet summary of your project’s key points. It should be compact, spark interest in the details of the project, and answer the following questions:

  • What is your project’s goal?
  • What are your key findings?
  • Who would find the project interesting?
  • What methodology did you use?

How long should my abstract be?

Between 150 and 250 words. When in doubt, check out abstracts from previous conferences for reference.

I am not sure if I should submit my project. What if it gets rejected?

StuTS is open to all submissions from Bachelors’, Masters’, and PhD students. Your project need not be a full empirical study; a steady concept is already enough. What is very important is that your submission conforms to the usual scientific standards (e.g. proper citation form, adherence to formal criteria, etc.). The 68th StuTS provides a safe space for students and is well-suited to be one of your first experiences of scientific conferences.

I have submitted my abstract. What happens now?

Members of our organising team will read your abstract and determine if it is suitable and appropriate for the conference. This is usually a given if it is obvious that the abstract is the product of your own work and deals with the topic of language and linguistics in a broad sense. In rare cases we will provide you with suggestions on how to improve your abstract. As a rule, you will receive a reply from us accepting or rejecting your abstract after the deadline for our Call for Participation. Should it get accepted, we will then incorporate your talk or workshop into the conference programme depending on your availability and preference. All that is left after that is to present your project at the 68th StuTS!